every Monday, 16:30 – 18:30

Comeniusstraße 28, Leipzig

Summer Break in August

As most of us are on holiday, Hakuna will NOT take place in August. We are looking forward to welcoming you again in September.

HaKuNa = Homework, Coffee and Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Your bike is broken, your math homework is getting you down, your laptop is on strike or you just feel like having a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere?

Then drop by, maybe we can help you!



We don’t know everything either, but we are happy to support you in finding solutions for your tasks.

Repair Café

Whatever we have in tools and know-how, we like to use together with you to make things functional again: Bicycles, laptops, cell phones, clothes, …


Apart from brain- and handiwork, there is always an opportunity for a relaxed cup of coffee or tea and a chat over delicious waffles or other small snacks.

Just drop by.

Every Monday 16:30 – 18:30, Comeniusstraße 28.

Who we are

A mixed group of people (teachers, IT guys, tinkerers, hosts, …) belonging to the LKG Leipzig, who like to use their different skills to solve problems together, save things from the trash, and make our neighborhood a bit more colorful and sociable.

Kaffeemühle als Kaffeekasse

Free of charge and without warranties

We provide our skills and tools free of charge, but we cannot make any guarantees regarding how well we can help you with repairs etc. – but of course we always do our best.

Coffee etc. is also free of charge, but a small voluntary donation is very welcome.

Everyone is welcome

Whether you have a problem we might be able to help you with, you’d like to share your skills with others yourself, or you just want to drop in for a chat and coffee – just come on by.

Here’s What’s Important to us

We certainly don't have the right solution ready for every problem right away, ...

… but we enjoy working with you to see how we can fix things, manage schoolwork, and have a nice time together in the process.

We want to prevent ...

… things from ending up in the trash that can be made functional again with a little know-how and creativity – just come by with broken things, you can still throw them away if we can’t get them back on their feet together.

We love community, ...

… so we like to spend time crafting, chatting, and drinking coffee together – and welcome everyone to join us.

Got Questions? Get in Touch!

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